Audio Recordings by Thomas Berry

These reflections were delivered at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York City where Thomas Berry was a Canon and an advisor to the Dean James Parks Morton.

We extend gratitude to the Cathedral Archivist, Wayne Kempton, for making these available and to Wes Pascoe for updating them for the Internet.

Advent (November 28, 1976)

Advent (December 5, 1976)

Advent (December 12, 1976)

Spiritual Traditions (March 4, 1979)

Ecology, Religion, Peace (May 18, 1980)

Spirituality and Ecology (November 8, 1981) (read transcription)

The Earth Community as the Source of Christian Unity (January 23, 1983) (read transcription)

Teilhard de Chardin (February 19, 1984)

The Epiphany (February 10, 1985)

11am Service (February 16, 1986)

New York in History and Nature (April 10, 1988)

Moment of Grace -- Earth Mass and Celebration of Thomas Berry's 80th Birthday (October 2, 1994)
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We give thanks to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, Kansas for sharing the following presentation and to Rachel Myslivy for digitizing the audio files.

Presentation by Thomas Berry to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, Kansas in the early 1990's